Commit 011852a9 authored by Artem Pulkin's avatar Artem Pulkin

cython: add openmp compile args

parent 2108f67d
Pipeline #44301 passed with stage
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......@@ -113,7 +113,8 @@ class ext_modules_lazy(list):
def eval(self):
self.ext_modules = cythonize([
Extension("miniff._potentials", ["miniff/_potentials.pyx"], include_dirs=[numpy.get_include()]),
Extension("miniff._potentials", ["miniff/_potentials.pyx"], include_dirs=[numpy.get_include()],
extra_compile_args=['-fopenmp'], extra_link_args=['-fopenmp']),
Extension("miniff._util", ["miniff/_util.pyx"], include_dirs=[numpy.get_include()]),
], compiler_directives={"profile": True}, annotate=True)
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