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workflows: make save similar to load

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......@@ -179,6 +179,9 @@ def pull(a):
return a.detach().cpu().numpy()
file_openers = {"gz":}
class Workflow:
def __init__(self, dtype=torch.float64, log=None, seed=None, mpl_backend=None, mpl_save_ext="png", units=None,
units_are_known=False, tag=None):
......@@ -256,7 +259,7 @@ class Workflow:
filename = Path(filename)
if opener == "auto":
opener = {"gz":}.get(filename.suffix, open)
opener = file_openers.get(filename.suffix, open)
with opener(filename, 'rt') as f:
result = Cell.load(f)
if isinstance(result, list):
......@@ -358,27 +361,29 @@ class Workflow:
self.cells = self.cells[:subset]
return self.cells
def save_cells(self, destination, cells=None, **kwargs):
def save_cells(self, filename, cells=None, opener="auto", **kwargs):
Save cells into a file.
destination : str, file
filename : str, Path
The file to save to.
cells : Iterable, None
Cells to save. Defaults to ``self.cells``.
opener : {"opener", Callable}
File opener.
Arguments to serializer.
filename = Path(filename)
if cells is None:
cells = self.cells"Saving {len(cells):d} structures to {destination} ...")
if isinstance(destination, str):
with open(destination, 'w') as f:, f, **kwargs)
else:, destination, **kwargs)"Saving {len(cells):d} structures to {filename} ...")
if opener == "auto":
opener = file_openers.get(filename.suffix, open)
with opener(filename, 'wt') as f:, f, **kwargs)
def cutoff(self):
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