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ml: fix docstrings

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......@@ -579,9 +579,9 @@ class Normalization:
A simple normalization for individual features.
The energy and energy gradients are simply rescaled by a factor.
Features are rescaled and shifted potentially capable of matching the `[0, 1]` interval
per feature per dataset.
Energy is rescaled and shifted based on atomic composition.
Energy gradients are rescaled by a factor.
Features are rescaled and shifted.
Feature gradients are rescaled accordingly.
......@@ -1686,9 +1686,8 @@ def potentials_from_ml_data(nn, descriptors, normalization=None):
nn : list
A list of neural networks modelling force fields per atom type.
descriptors : list
A list of descriptors (pairs of string spec and `LocalPotential`
instance) per each network.
descriptors : dict
A dict with descriptors.
normalization : Normalization
Normalization information.
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