Commit 8889d5ac authored by Dániel Varjas's avatar Dániel Varjas

update docstrings in continuum_hamiltonian

parent 977967a8
......@@ -33,9 +33,9 @@ def continuum_hamiltonian(symmetries, dim, total_power, all_powers=None,
Allowed powers of the momentum variables in the continuum Hamiltonian listed
for each spatial direction. If an integer is given, all powers below it are
included as well. If a list of integers is given, only these powers are used.
momenta : list of int or list of Sympy objects
Indices of momenta from ['k_x', 'k_y', 'k_z'] or a list of names for the
momentum variables. Default is ['k_x', 'k_y', 'k_z'].
momenta : iterable of strings or Sympy symbols
Names of momentum variables, default ``['k_x', 'k_y', 'k_z']`` or
corresponding sympy symbols.
sparse_linalg : bool
Whether to use sparse linear algebra. Using sparse solver can result in
performance increase for large, highly constrained families,
......@@ -589,7 +589,7 @@ def bloch_family(hopping_vectors, symmetries, norbs, onsites=True,
norbs : OrderedDict : {site : norbs_site} or tuple of tuples ((site, norbs_site), )
sites are ordered in the order specified, with blocks of size norbs_site
corresponding to each site.
onsites : bool
onsites : bool, default True
Whether to include on-site terms consistent with the symmetry.
symmetrize : bool
Whether to use the symmetrization strategy. This does not require
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