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......@@ -571,7 +571,7 @@ There is a special number that we can compute for antisymmetric matrices, the [P
This feature of the Pfaffian really makes it what we are looking for. Let's try out the sign of the Pfaffian as our topological invariant $Q_\textrm{BdG}$:
Q_\textrm{BdG} = \textrm{sign}\left[\,\textrm{Pf} (i H_\textrm{BdG})\,\right]\,.
Q_\textrm{BdG} = \textrm{sign}\left[\,\textrm{Pf} (i \tiled{H}_\textrm{BdG})\,\right]\,.
We have included a factor of $i$ just for convenience, so that the Pfaffian is a real number.
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