Commit 6d27af6e authored by Adrià Labay's avatar Adrià Labay
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process single paged exams different

parent b372274b
......@@ -18,6 +18,12 @@ def process_page(image, page_info, file_info, exam_config, output_directory):
return False, 'Unable to unambiguously determine page and copy number.'
exam = Exam.query.filter(Exam.token == exam_config.token).one()
if max( for problem in exam.problems) == 0 and any('.pdf' in info for info in file_info):
# single paged exam, each page of the pdf is treated as a different copy instead of a different page
# this ensures that in the frontend the images are concatenated vertically
page, copy = copy - 1, page + 1
copy = retrieve_copy(exam, student_id, copy)
image_dir = Path(output_directory) / 'submissions' / f'{copy.number}'
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