Commit e9fbded5 authored by Adrià Labay's avatar Adrià Labay
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add tests for new threshold

parent 945dbd82
......@@ -88,3 +88,17 @@ def test_is_misaligned(config_app, coords, student_misaligned, reference):
width=coords[2], height=coords[2])
assert pregrader.is_problem_misaligned(problem, student_misaligned, reference)
def test_threshold(config_app, datadir):
dir = os.path.join(datadir, 'thresholds')
files = os.listdir(dir)
for filename in files:
img =, filename))
problem = Problem(name='Problem')
problem.widget = ProblemWidget(x=0, y=0, width=img.size[0], height=img.size[1])
data = np.array(img)
reference = np.full_like(data, 255)
assert not pregrader.is_blank(problem, data, reference)
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