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order sites in finalized Builders

parent de5844a5
......@@ -505,6 +505,13 @@ class BuilderLead(Lead):
Sequence of sites in the scattering region to which the lead is
builder : `Builder`
The tight-binding system of a lead.
interface : list of `Site` instances
A sorted list of interface sites.
The hopping from the scattering region to the lead is assumed to be equal to
......@@ -512,15 +519,13 @@ class BuilderLead(Lead):
symmetry vector (i.e. the lead is 'leaving' the system and starts with a
The given order of interface sites is preserved throughout finalization.
Every system has an attribute `leads`, which stores a list of
`BuilderLead` objects with all the information about the leads that are
def __init__(self, builder, interface):
self.builder = builder
self.interface = tuple(interface)
self.interface = tuple(sorted(interface))
def finalized(self):
"""Return a `kwant.system.InfiniteSystem` corresponding to the
......@@ -1244,7 +1249,7 @@ class Builder:
assert self.symmetry.num_directions == 0
#### Make translation tables.
sites = tuple(self.H)
sites = tuple(sorted(self.H))
id_by_site = {}
for site_id, site in enumerate(sites):
id_by_site[site] = site_id
......@@ -1316,6 +1321,7 @@ class Builder:
sym = self.symmetry
assert sym.num_directions == 1
#### For each site of the fundamental domain, determine whether it has
#### neighbors in the previous domain or not.
lsites_with = [] # Fund. domain sites with neighbors in prev. dom
......@@ -1340,7 +1346,9 @@ class Builder:
minus_one = ta.array((-1,))
plus_one = ta.array((1,))
if interface_order is None:
# interface must be sorted
interface = [sym.act(minus_one, s) for s in lsites_with]
lsites_with_set = set(lsites_with)
lsites_with = []
......@@ -1370,9 +1378,13 @@ class Builder:
if lsites_with_set:
raise ValueError(
'interface_order did not contain all interface sites.')
# `interface_order` *must* be sorted, hence `interface` should also
if interface != sorted(interface):
raise ValueError('Interface sites must be sorted.')
del lsites_with_set
sites = lsites_with + lsites_without + interface
# we previously sorted the interface, so don't sort it again
sites = sorted(lsites_with) + sorted(lsites_without) + interface
del lsites_with
del lsites_without
del interface
......@@ -1447,7 +1459,8 @@ class FiniteSystem(system.FiniteSystem):
sites : sequence
``sites[i]`` is the `~kwant.builder.Site` instance that corresponds
to the integer-labeled site ``i`` of the low-level system.
to the integer-labeled site ``i`` of the low-level system. The sites
are ordered first by their family and then by their tag.
id_by_site : dict
The inverse of ``sites``; maps from ``i`` to ``sites[i]``.
......@@ -1494,10 +1507,17 @@ class InfiniteSystem(system.InfiniteSystem):
sites : sequence
Mapping from site IDs (integers) to the associated
`~kwant.builder.Site` objects.
``sites[i]`` is the `~kwant.builder.Site` instance that corresponds
to the integer-labeled site ``i`` of the low-level system.
id_by_site : dict
The inverse of the ``sites`` mapping.
The inverse of ``sites``; maps from ``i`` to ``sites[i]``.
In infinite systems ``sites`` consists of 3 parts: sites in the fundamental
domain (FD) with hoppings to neighboring cells, sites in the FD with no
hoppings to neighboring cells, and sites in FD+1 attached to the FD by
hoppings. Each of these three subsequences is individually sorted.
def hamiltonian(self, i, j, *args):
......@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@
import warnings
from random import Random
import itertools as it
from import assert_raises, assert_true, assert_not_equal
from import assert_raises, assert_true, assert_not_equal, assert_less
from numpy.testing import assert_equal, assert_almost_equal
import tinyarray as ta
import numpy as np
......@@ -367,6 +367,8 @@ def test_finalization():
check_onsite(fsyst, sr_sites)
check_hoppings(fsyst, sr_hops)
# check that sites are sorted
assert_equal(fsyst.sites, sorted(fam(*site) for site in sr_sites))
# Build lead from blueprint and test it.
lead = builder.Builder(kwant.TranslationalSymmetry((size, 0)))
......@@ -403,6 +405,22 @@ def test_finalization():
assert_raises(ValueError, syst.finalized)
# Attach lead properly.
syst.leads[-1] = builder.BuilderLead(
lead, (builder.Site(fam, n) for n in neighbors))
fsyst = syst.finalized()
assert_equal(len(fsyst.lead_interfaces), 1)
assert_equal([fsyst.sites[i].tag for i in fsyst.lead_interfaces[0]],
# test that we cannot finalize a system with a badly sorted interface order
assert_raises(ValueError, lead._finalized_infinite,
[builder.Site(fam, n) for n in reversed(neighbors)])
# site ordering independent of whether interface was specified
flead_order = lead._finalized_infinite([builder.Site(fam, n)
for n in neighbors])
assert_equal(flead.sites, flead_order.sites)
syst.leads[-1] = builder.BuilderLead(
lead, (builder.Site(fam, n) for n in neighbors))
fsyst = syst.finalized()
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