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add whatsnew file for upcoming 1.3 release.

The date is currently missing, and should be provided before
an official release is made.
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What's new in Kwant 1.3
This article explains the user-visible changes in Kwant 1.3.
Please consult the `full list of changes in Kwant
<>`_ for
all the changes up to the most recent bugfix release.
Sites in finalized builders have consistent ordering
In Python 3 the internal ordering of dictionaries is not deterministic. This
meant that running a Kwant script twice would produce systems with different
ordering of sites, which lead to non-reproducible calculations. Now, sites
in finalized builders are always ordered first by their site family, then by
their tag.
Coincidentally, this means that you can plot a wavefunction in a simple 1D
system by just saying::
lattice_1D = chain()
syst = make_system(lattice_1D)
h = syst.hamiltonian_submatrix()
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