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+ [Quantum point contacts](2.3.transport_through_barrier.ipynb)
3. Advanced numerical quantum transport
+ [Aharonov-Bohm effect](3.1.Aharonov-Bohm.ipynb) ([solutions](3.1.Aharonov-Bohm-cheat.ipynb))
+ [Quantum Hall effect](3.2.Quantum-Hall-effect-and-disorder.ipynb)
+ [Spintronics: giant magnetoresistance](3.3MagnetoResistance.ipynb) ([solutions](3.3MagnetoResistance-cheat.ipynb))
+ [Spintronics: giant magnetoresistance](3.3.MagnetoResistance.ipynb) ([solutions](3.3.MagnetoResistance-cheat.ipynb))
+ [Graphene and quantum spin Hall effect](3.4.graphene_qshe.ipynb) ([solutions](3.4.graphene_qshe-cheat.ipynb))
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