Commit aa51373f authored by Kloss's avatar Kloss
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add logging info

parent 62bc9210
......@@ -1459,6 +1459,8 @@ class State:
if len_int == 0:
logger.warning('no occupied states found, the chemical potential'
'is probably wrong.')
else:'initial number of intervals={}'.format(len_int))
for interval in intervals:
if boundaries is None:
......@@ -1483,8 +1485,11 @@ class State:
self._tasks_from_interval = {}
tasks = self._calc_tasks(intervals)
if len(tasks) == 0:
len_tasks = len(tasks)
if len_tasks == 0:
logger.warning('tasks dict has length zero')
else:'initial number of tasks={}'.format(len_tasks))
for task in tasks.items():
logger.debug('key={}, {}'.format(*task))
......@@ -1826,12 +1831,14 @@ class State:
errmax = errors[0]
resultmax = results[0]'refinement step={}, max errsum={}, min errbnd={}'.
format(i, np.max(errsum), np.min(errbnd)))'refinement step={}, max errsum={}, min errbnd={}, '
'nb intervals={}'.
format(i, np.max(errsum), np.min(errbnd), len(intervals)))
for inte, err in zip(intervals, errors):
logger.debug("{}, max error={}".format(inte, np.max(err)))
if (errsum <= errbnd).all(): # converged'refinement converged')
if len(intervals) >= limit:
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