Commit de460130 authored by Kloss's avatar Kloss
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add pytest-flake8 to docker file

parent fe6563f2
......@@ -24,8 +24,9 @@ RUN pip3 install --upgrade\
# install testing and documentation building dependencies
# remove deprecated pytest-flakes pytest-pep8 at some point
RUN pip3 install --upgrade\
pytest pytest-cov pytest-flakes pytest-pep8\
pytest pytest-cov pytest-flake8 pytest-flakes pytest-pep8\
# and documentation building dependencies
sphinx sphinx_rtd_theme numpydoc nbsphinx ipykernel jupyter_client\
# docker howto:
# install docker, eg. via
sudo snap install docker
# cd to tkwant/docker and build container locally
sudo docker build -t -f Dockerfile.debian .
# login at gitlab, use own kwant-gitlab credentials
sudo docker login
# upload and finish
sudo docker push
sudo docker logout
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