Commit f94e0576 authored by Benoit Rossignol's avatar Benoit Rossignol
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correct refine, remove print

parent 32608abf
......@@ -1433,6 +1433,8 @@ def get_adaptive_solver(base=ManybodyTaskScheduler):
# loop until converged
while True:
tol = atol + rtol * np.max(np.abs(abs(self.evaluate(operator))))
tol = self.comm.bcast(tol, root=0)
all_err = [(self.estimate_error(interval, args, operator, estimator),
interval) for interval in self.get_intervals()]
errs, intervals = zip(*sorted(all_err))
......@@ -1442,7 +1444,6 @@ def get_adaptive_solver(base=ManybodyTaskScheduler):
index = np.searchsorted(np.cumsum(errs), tol)
for interval in intervals[index:]:
print(interval.kmin, interval.kmax)
assert self._check_consistency()
for new_interval in split_intervals(interval, 2):
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