Commit 47c1a78c authored by Ruben Young On's avatar Ruben Young On

Changed cov command to test:py:cov

parent 11fe6114
......@@ -53,7 +53,7 @@ test_py:
<<: *python_packages
stage: test
- yarn cov
- yarn test:py:cov
- cov.html/
......@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@
"migrate:dev": "ZESJE_SETTINGS=$(pwd)/ FLASK_APP=zesje/ flask db upgrade",
"migrate": "FLASK_APP=zesje/ flask db upgrade",
"prepare-migration": "ZESJE_SETTINGS=$(pwd)/ FLASK_APP=zesje/ flask db migrate",
"cov": "python3 -m pytest -v -W error::RuntimeWarning --cov=zesje --cov-report=xml:cov.xml --cov-report=html:cov.html --cov-report=term tests/",
"test:py:cov": "python3 -m pytest -v -W error::RuntimeWarning --cov=zesje --cov-report=xml:cov.xml --cov-report=html:cov.html --cov-report=term tests/",
"migrate-down": "FLASK_APP=zesje/ flask db downgrade"
"standard": {
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