Commit 4f8e6f29 authored by Hugo Kerstens's avatar Hugo Kerstens

Make exam preview consistent with barcode example

parent 9d22857c
......@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ from werkzeug.datastructures import FileStorage
from sqlalchemy.orm import selectinload
from ..pdf_generation import generate_pdfs, output_pdf_filename_format, join_pdfs, page_is_size
from ..database import db, Exam, ExamWidget, Submission
from ..database import db, Exam, ExamWidget, Submission, token_length
"A4": (595.276, 841.89),
......@@ -478,8 +478,8 @@ class ExamPreview(Resource):
exam.token[:5] + 'PREVIEW',
"A" * token_length,
student_id_widget.x, student_id_widget.y,
barcode_widget.x, barcode_widget.y
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