Commit 1159f63b authored by Olaf's avatar Olaf

allign with output initial_state

parent fcce9dfd
......@@ -30,7 +30,7 @@ def execute_calculations(density_ph, h_ph, T_init_ph, T_final_ph, T_delta_ph, N_
density, h, T_init, T_final, T_delta, L_box, N_steps = conversion_natural_units(density_ph, h_ph, T_init_ph, T_final_ph, T_delta_ph, N_argon, N_steps, N_steps_set_T)
x0, v0, density =, L_box, T_init, topology, init_org)
x0, v0, density, N_argon =, L_box, T_init, topology, init_org)
print("Calculations started...")
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