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Update with checklist

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# project3_omw
**Introduction** (1 min)
* Scientific significance of our research
* Current research done
* Kirkwood Gaps
**Theory** (2 min)
Orbit stability
* Equilibirium zones (Lagrange points)
* Orbital resonance: 1) Dependence on orbital period, 2) Orbital period and semi-major axis
**Model** (2 min)
* Assumptions made
* Barnes-Hut: 1) principle, 2) computation times Barnes-Hut v.s. Brute Force
* Ellipse fit
**Results and Discussion** (4 min)
* Trajectories last two years
* Final locations
* Histogram semi-major axis
* Eccentricity / semi-major axis
**Conclusion** (0.5 min)
**Further research** (0.5 min)
* Assumptions
* Time periods
* Other asteroid belts
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