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3 col in exam templated with pager in problem column

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......@@ -812,16 +812,16 @@ class ExamTemplated extends React.Component {
render () {
return <React.Fragment>
<div className='columns is-centered'>
<div className='column is-one-quarter-fullhd is-one-third-desktop' >
<div className='columns is-centered is-multiline'>
<div className='column is-one-quarter-fullhd is-half-desktop is-full-mobile' >
<this.PanelExamActions />
<div className='column is-narrow' >
<div className='column is-narrow-desktop is-three-quarter-tablet' >
<div className='editor-content'>
<div className='column is-one-third-fullhd is-half-tablet'>
<div className='column'>
setHelpPage={this.props.setHelpPage} />
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