Commit eea3b643 authored by Anton Akhmerov's avatar Anton Akhmerov

refactoring: include qr code parsing inside page processing

parent 5b8c0bb4
......@@ -75,31 +75,13 @@ def process_pdf(pdf_id, data_directory):
for i, image in enumerate(images, 1):
report_progress(f'Processing page {i} / {len(images)}')
qr = extract_qr(image)
success, reason = process_page(output_directory, image, config)
if not success:
except Exception as e:
report_error(f'Error while extracting QR codes: {e}')
if qr is None:
elif qr.version != f'v{config.version}':
report_error('Zesje version mismatch '
'between config file and PDF')
report_error(f'Error processing page {i}: {e}')
elif != config.exam_name:
report_error('PDF is not from this exam')
# Here we stop even though some other pages might
# be from the correct exam because typically the cause
# is the user selecting a wrong one in the UI.
process_page(output_directory, image, qr, config)
except Exception as e:
if failures:
processed = len(images) - len(failures)
......@@ -114,8 +96,51 @@ def process_pdf(pdf_id, data_directory):
report_success(f'processed {len(images)} pages')
def process_page(output_dir, image, qr_data, exam_config):
assert qr_data is not None
def process_page(output_dir, image, exam_config):
"""Incorporate a scanned image in the data structure.
For each page perform the following steps:
1. Extract the page QR code
2. Verify it satisfies the format required by zesje
3. Verify it belongs to the correct exam
4. Correct the image so that the coordinates are best aligned with the
yaml (currently uses only QR code position)
5. Incorporate the page in the database
6. If the page contains student number, try to read it off the page
output_dir : string
Path where the processed image must be stored.
image : string
Path to the original
exam_config : ExamMetadata instance
Information about the exam to which this page should belong
success : bool
reason : string
Reason for failure
RuntimeError if any of the steps 1-3 fail.
Because the failure of steps 1-3 likely means we're reading a wrong pdf, we
should stop processing any other pages if this function raises.
qr_data = extract_qr(image)
if qr_data is None:
return False, "Reading QR code failed"
elif qr_data.version != f'v{exam_config.version}':
raise ValueError('Zesje version mismatch between config file and PDF')
elif != exam_config.exam_name:
raise ValueError('PDF is not from this exam')
qr_coords, widget_data = exam_config.qr_coords, exam_config.widget_data
rotate_and_shift(image, qr_data, qr_coords)
......@@ -154,6 +179,8 @@ def process_page(output_dir, image, qr_data, exam_config):
Solution(problem=prob, submission=sub,
return True, ''
def pdf_to_images(pdf_path, output_path):
"""Extract all images out of a pdf file."""
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