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# revtex-markdown-paper
REVTeX paper in markdown using LaTeX.
The paper (``) is written in [Markdown]( and then translated to LaTeX using [pandoc]( and the `revtex.template`.
References are in `paper.bib` using the [BibTeX]( format.
The `Makefile` contains the conversion commands.
If you are on a unix system, call `make paper.pdf` in this directory and it will compile the paper to `pdf` if all dependencies are installed.
## Usage
Make sure you have a working TeX installation and then
1. Install the dependencies
conda-env create -f environment.yml
2. Clone this repository
git clone
3. Write paper in ``, refs in `paper.bib`, compile with `make paper.pdf`
The file `` contains example code for tables, figures, equations, references and so on.
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