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add bare-bones Flask deployment and instructions for running it

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# Welcome to Zesje
Zesje is an online grading system for written exams.
## Development
### Setting up a development environment
Make sure you have `npm`, `webpack` (installed via `npm`), and Python 3.5 installed.
Install the necessary `npm` dependencies:
npm install
We will keep the Python dependencies in a virtual environment:
virtualenv venv
source venv/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt
### Running a development server
First build all the client-side assets:
webpack --watch
the `--watch` flag tells webpack to rebuild the frontend code
whenever files in `client/` change.
Then, in a separate terminal, run the development server:
python server
This will also re-load the code when you make modifications in `server/`.
from flask import Flask
app = Flask('zesje', static_folder='dist')
def index(file=None):
return app.send_static_file(file or 'index.html')
from __init__ import app
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