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Resolve: Add option to email take-home exams

Adrià Labay requested to merge 430-email-take-home-exams into master

Closes #430

This merge request adds the option to send personal copies of an exam by email to all the students in a course.


  • New panel in Exam page, allows to select the start copy number and go to Email Edit model.
  • Email Model let's the user change the subject and content, this last one is a jinja2 template.


  • Redistribution of the pdf generation class, included a method that generates a personal copy with student id and name writen in the student id widget.
  • Template api now supports two different types of templates, for sending copies and solutions.
  • Email api supports sending two types of mails, for copies and solutions.

Example data:

  • Use new method in pdf_generation to fill the id widget, consequently the student name is also writen.
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