Commit 19976480 authored by Joseph Weston's avatar Joseph Weston Committed by Christoph Groth
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enable atom and RSS feeds

parent 6489b029
......@@ -790,7 +790,7 @@ COPY_SOURCES = False
# By default, Nikola generates RSS files for the website and for tags, and
# links to it. Set this to False to disable everything RSS-related.
# By default, Nikola does not generates Atom files for indexes and links to
# them. Generate Atom for tags by setting TAG_PAGES_ARE_INDEXES to True.
......@@ -799,7 +799,7 @@ COPY_SOURCES = False
# RSS_TEASER option. RSS_LINKS_APPEND_QUERY is also respected. Atom feeds
# are generated even for old indexes and have pagination link relations
# between each other. Old Atom feeds with no changes are marked as archived.
# RSS_LINK is a HTML fragment to link the RSS or Atom feeds. If set to None,
# the base.tmpl will use the feed Nikola generates. However, you may want to
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