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......@@ -6,13 +6,7 @@ Tutorial “Introduction to Computational Quantum Nanoelectronics”
**Update 16 March 2016**: We are interested in your feedback: please fill out the `tutorial survey <>`_. This survey will be open until 22 March 2016.
This page collects materials for the APS March meeting 2016 tutorial `“Introduction to Computational Quantum Nanoelectronics” <>`_.
Note to the tutorial participants: the computing environment used during the tutorial is not available anymore, please use the links below to access the materials.
* All the materials are now available for `download <>`_.
* You can run the tutorial notebooks directly from your browser using `Binder <>`_.
The computing environment made available during the tutorial (`hub 1 <>`_, `hub 2 <>`_, `hub 3
will be taken down on Wednesday 16/03 at 23:59 UTC (18:59 EST). If you wish to
keep your (modified) copies of the notebooks used during the tutorial, you can
download them by logging into your hub, opening the notebook you wish to
download, and selecting `download as` from the `file` menu.
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