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improves time complexity from O(N^2) to O(N log N) (for learning a function from 0 to N points).

Speed is now ~1000 points per second on my computer (given the default loss) and remains more or less constant untill 5000 points

obviously for small N (say 10 points) the old method was faster, for larger N (say >20, the new method is faster).

It does need to be said that according to my profiler, most of the time is spend on this line: be74ad62 (line 572)

please do verify that the results are noticeable for you as well.

Also do note that the complexity now is as follows:

Operation Comblexity @ master Complexity @ branch
tell(x,y) O(N) O(log N)
ask(1) O(N) O(log N)
loss() O(N) O(1)
ask(k) O(N*k) O(k * log N)
run 1..N O(N^2) O(N log N)
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