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WIP: (feature) add anisotropic meshing to LearnerND

Jorn Hoofwijk requested to merge 74--add-anisotropicity-to-learnerND into master

Closes #74

Depends on !86 (merged) and #80 and therefore it has the corresponding branches included as well

Still has a few to-do's:

  • let LearnerND.ip() make use of our triangulation rather than building a new one
  • make it work in arbitrary dimensions
  • verify that it is beneficial
  • let the user configure the parameters (maximum stretch factor and number of points to take into account) Use one simplex and it's neighbours
  • make test pass
    • add rtree as install requirement No more RTree anymore :)
    • raise exception if anistropic=True and rtree not installed, pass if anisotropic=False
  • refactor code to be human-readable
  • let's make it fast :) #80

As it seems it doesn't work that well with the ring, since this ring has a relative low average gradient and very high second derivative. So maybe this second derivative might be a more useful property to determine the

Sneak peek: anisotropic

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